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A special birthday, an intimate dinner, a themed reception, a graduation party or a business event. A black tie affair or a more laid back occasion.

 Mykonos’ one of a kind landscape and energy ensures that your event -whatever its nature or scope- shall be remembered and cherished by guests and protagonists in the years to come.

Taking your wishes, desires and needs as a leitmotif; while drawing inspiration from the latest international trends on design and music; we undertake to organise the rest: Fom concept design, to menus, tableware and decor, special party favors, lightning and smoke. So as to carve out a unique and unforgettable experience that represents all that is you:

Whether traditional or modern, eccentric or sophisticated, corporate, playful, energetic or casually laid back. In fact, if it can be imagined, we can bring it to life!

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