Mykonos Best

About Us

A celebration of the good life

Boasting a considerable experience in luxury real estate, Mykonos Best is a multifaceted company with a solid presence in Mykonos & Athens. Our goal is to offer the latest in property management and investment, events planning and organisation, VIP concierge and luxury Mykonos accommodation, through a comprehensive range of meticulously designed and executed services. Striving for excellence, we settle for nothing less than the best, and have been known to perform the seemingly impossible. At the same time we proffer holistic solutions and a complete pre and post ancillary service, for total peace of mind.

There is nothing standard in our approach, for it is in every case tailored to each customer’s needs and wishes. But our client centric orientation is not the only staple. What also remains unceasing and non negotiable is our resolve and promptness, reliability and utmost discretion.

And though over the years we have repeatedly proven our abilities; as much as our clients have come to trust our bespoke approach; we refuse to rest on our laurels.

To this end we continuously expand our signature range of Mykonos Best VIP concierge services, to facilitate all probable-and improbable- requests:

From an in-house Mykonos Chef, to the most exclusive-or extravagant- transportation means; from procuring these impossible to get -even last minute- reservations in Mykonos to hosting the party-or wedding-of the century; and from a romantic island luxury cruise; to a private tour to Delos; a Mykonos jeep safari or a rib adventure; whatever you yearn for, at Mykonos Best, we can make it happen. Unfalteringly with style, flair and panache, and a twist of the unexpected: To ensure a faultless and seamless, as much as authentic and original, thoroughly enjoyable holiday experience in Mykonos and Athens.